... as at July 2020

Gary Bing

I think I have had many satisfying work experiences as an engineer since I started in 1980. Most of it has been related to municipal 'wet' services and civil engineering. Early on I was a resident engineer and enjoyed this; was alone on site before laptops, cellphones and without a landline for months, on full size soccer stadium, 65 kms away from the main centre. I wrote the calibration manual for the measuring weirs that informs our runoff numbers. I represented the national water department on a few areas including on Stats SA instruments. I assisted in the formulation of the 'new SA' Water Services Act. As a consultant I assisted on the roll out of the water services authorizations in Limpopo Province. I was the infrastructure manager on an EU funded programme on municipal services in Limpopo and Mapumalanga Provinces; this programme was considered as a highly successful one, in fact turned around. Through this programme the municipality sector adopted the international best practice on infrastructure asset management. I was the Infrastructure Manager in a water board. I was a consultant on Treasury's infrastructure development support program.

My focus as an engineer, while registered as retired, but not fully so, with the engineering council is in specializing in urban water services infrastructure. It is clear to me that the current practices in this area is self destructive and requires an urgent mindset change to one where water and nutrients used are regenerated in a manner that reverses the ecological damage caused by current practices. As part of professional development I am a director in a company that aims to do this, with the current focus on educators and specifically on mental health, with short courses registered with SACE and presented by psychologists in private practice. (This bio is by no means exhaustive and a detailed CV can be supplied where appropriate.)